Literature and novels about Basenji

Specialized books:

The Complete Basenji, Ford
The Complete BASENJI
Elspet Ford
ISBN 0 948955 97 X
Ringpress Books, England

The Basenji - Out of Africa to You, Coe The BASENJI - Out of Africa to You
Susan Coe
ISBN 0 944875-42-4
Doral Publishing, USA
The Basenji - Out of Africa to you, Coe The BASENJI - Out of Africa to You
Susan Coe
ISBN 0 944875-02-5
Doral Publishing, USA
The Basenji Stacked and Moving, Cole The BASENJI Stacked and Moving
Illustrated explanation of the breed standard
Robert Cole
ISBN 0-920939-00-7
Cole Books, 1336 Lexington Street, Ottawa Ontario, Canada, K2C 1R9
The Basenji Illustrated, Cole The BASENJI Illustrated
Robert W. Cole
limited edition
of 950 copies from 1987
Mayby some books are still available
Fula - Basenji from the Jungle, Tudor-Williams FULA - BASENJI from the Jungle
Veronica Tudor-Williams
ISBN 0 9513550 0 7
printed by Laserbacks, England
Basenjis-The barkless dogs, Tudor-Williams BASENJIS
The barkless dogs

Veronica Tudor-Williams
ISBN 0 7153 7163 0
David & Charles
Newton Abbot London
A Basenji for me, Cardew A Basenji for ME
Mirrie Cardew
ISBN 0 904597 65 2
Midland Counties Publications, England
Your Basenji, Green Your Basenji
Evelyn M. Green
ISBN 0-87714-041-3
Denlinger’s, USA
Basenjis, Shafer, Mankey BASENJIS
Jack Shafer and Bob Mankey
ISBN 0-86622-993-0
T.F.H. Publications, USA
Le Basenji, Limouzy french Basenji literature

Christian Limouzy
ISBN 2-7328-2170-5
Editions De Vecchi, Frankreich

Stroem swedish Basenji literature
Basenji - Dog from the past, Johnson Dog from the past
Forrest Bryant Johnson
ISBN: 1-882032-00-4
A Thousand Autumns Press, 760 Hermosa Palms Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
How to Raise and Train a Basenji,Shafer,Mankey How to Raise and Train a Basenji
Jack Shafer and Bob Mankey
T.F.H. Publications, USA von 1966
Mayby you'll finde it in old bookshops


Call of the Marsh, Wylie CALL-OF-THE-MARSH
Life with a Basenji

Jill Wylie (veröffentlicht 1979 in Zimbabwe Rhodesien)
A lovely and also funny story about
a Basenji dog in Zimbabwe.
Mayby you'll finde it in old bookshops
Candle, Smith CANDLE - a story of love and faith
Sally Ann Smith
ISBN 0-944875-22-X
Doral Publishing, USA
-A moving chrismasstory-
Canis Basenji, Vavra Canis BASENJI
Robert Vavra
Basenji Cartoons, published by the
Basenji Club of America
-only available at several Basenji Clubs-
Er nannte ihn Lady, Street Er nannte ihn Lady
James Street
ISBN 3-548-22397-4
curly tales Novel
Curly Tales

Jon & Susan Coe
Private Edition 1975

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