What we are, or rather what we want to be

We want to deal competently with the subject of the fascinating Basenji breed and to communicate openly and without reservation with all owners and breeders.

Due to the low number and the relatively small breeding potential in Germany, we foster international contacts.

The majority of us are members of a breeders’ association which is annexed to the F.C.I. and the national head organisation. We respect other opinions within and outside our circle of friends. Our carefully researched data and information is available to all interested “Basenji lovers”.

An important medium for our purposes is the Internet. We place upon ourselves the requirement to realise our intentions with a quality consciousness commensurate to the breed.

The “Basenji Lovers” are deeply concerned about the increase of hereditary diseases, especially the spread of Fanconi, now also in Germany. We therefore want to give this serious problem the highest priority. As a first measure we would like to, in addition to our effort in supporting the development of a genetic test, establish comprehensive documentation of all relevant data for the recognition of hereditary strain (burden), i.e. personal details of the dog, serious illnesses and, above all, the cause of death.

We invite all breeders, but also owners, urgently, to openly discuss hereditary diseases with us and to take an active part in the documentation, or at least support the Fanconi research programme (anonymously if wished).

For an effective early recognition and treatment, and also to avoid false diagnosis of the Fanconi disease, the symptoms of which have often been misinterpreted as, for example, Diabetes or Cushing Syndrome, the “Basenji Lovers” will endeavours to inform themselves of new developments and to make it public via the internet.

The breeder members of the Circle of “Basenji Lovers” wish by no means to be a target of a possible later reproach:

"A having known but done nothing about it".

In addition to the concern with the Basenji we wish to conduct a social life because we are of the opinion that friends should have more than one binding subject in common. We support the members in our Circle of “Basenji Lovers” selflessly - as is customary among friends.

What we are not or rather do not wish to be

We follow no commercial interests.

We do not wish to be an organisation!

We are not an organisation aimed against the Ns F.C.I., VDH, BKD, SKG, BA-CH, AKC or KC we accept and support, wherever possible, their statutes and goals

We cheerfully welcome anyone who wishes to enter into a discussion with us. We demand no consensus about the evaluation of the gathered information.

Everyone can represent his own opinion!

Voluntary self-control

The breeder of the “Basenji Lovers” agreed to a responsible breeding attitude. Therefore they want in the meantime to abide by the following precaution: Only healthy dogs will be set to breed, ones it has been determined that neither the descendants, or the parents and their brothers or sisters as well as the grandparents have had an hereditary disease ( especially Fanconi or PRA).

A corresponding declaration is also a component of a written declaration to be received by a purchaser of a Basenji puppy.